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1008.gifWe offer custom web site design as well as hosting and cost effective marketing strategies that will get your site noticed!

We also offer template designs which can save you money, as the design theme, layout and graphics have already been created. These "Quick Start" sites are priced as low as $35 per page but they are not 100% original sites and you may see similar sites online.

1009.gifThe process of establishing a successful online Internet presence can involve Site Design or Redesign, E-commerce and Database Integration, Security Evaluation and Marketing Plan Implementation.

We will walk you through the process and help you to achieve your goals!

The basic steps of the site design process:

  • Determine your online marketing objective - what do you want, and how do you want to get there? How will your website help you?
  • Research your industry - and we learn about you! Understand what works for your business, and what doesn't work. You learn what you like and dislike and we use those concepts to put together your site.
  • We can provide you with a workbook via email to assist in gathering and organizing content for your site if necessary. If you are familiar with flow charts, they help to understand how a web site works.
  • We proceed with design of 3 to 5 single-page mockups while data is being gathered for your web site. (custom sites only)
  • We present the online mockups for your approval. You tell us what you like and don't like, what you want and don't want. This gives you the site YOU want. (custom sites only)
  • We collect your data and workbook and complete your web site. Once the design layout is decided, putting the text and images in brings it to life!
  • We present the completed web site to you for final review and modification if necessary.
  • Training - We give you instruction on setting up the E-mail features, admin features etc. If you have content editing enabled on your site, we show you how that works, as well. NEW! Try our content editing demo now to see how easy it is to update your own site! Click HERE to try it out. NOTE: You MUST be using Internet Explorer as your browser for this to work.
  • Move the site to the "live" URL, and submit it to the major search engines, index sites and online directories.
  • Keep in touch - we want to know if your needs change or if you find something that, after all the previous checking, still doesn't work. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Six months later - we evaluate your site with you, present additional promotion concepts, site revision ideas, etc. to help your site be all you want it to be.